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The Points System

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The Points System

Post  Koshka on Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:44 pm

What Is It???

This system is applied to keep members active on the forums. Earning points can be fun if you put forth the effort to participate in the forums. You can earn them in as many ways as there are given by staff members.

How Do I Earn Them???

Points can be earned in these few but simple ways....

* Friend Requests to Staff members.

* Joining gives you 10 free points!

* Event participation.

* Welcoming members.

* Signing in to our log book every 12 hours.

Can They Be Taken Away???

* Points can be taken if rules are broken. A maximum of 50 points or all, will be taken for any rule breakers.

Who Distributes Them/Where are They Found???

* Staff members will distributes the points to staff members. They are located in you profiles and can be seen in both profiles and forum messages.

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